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Educational Tours

At Passport Travel, we cater for many different areas of your curriculum. We can organise Linguistic Tours, History Tours, Art Tours, Music Tours and other special interest tours for you. We are also able to combine several of these aspects in a tailored educational tour itinerary that suits your pedagogical, logistical and aesthetic interests.

To your left is your navigation menu and within each main heading are sub-menus that will lead you to samples of our education travel programmes. What you see is not 'set in stone'. These itineraries are only examples and we are more than happy to take your personal wish list and to create a tour that is tailored to suit your individual educational tour requirements.
Please feel free to contact us on 1800 337 031 for a free quote and itinerary.

To learn more about the education travel arrangements we can organise for you and the costs of educational tours, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section, please click here.