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Comments from Clients

"It all went like clockwork..."

From: Veronica
Sent: Wednesday, 3 May 2017 10:41 AM
To: Elisabeth Franco Vale Viga
Subject: a huge thank you

Hi Elisabeth

It’s good to be back … specially after the events in Paris. The previous Friday evening, we were right there where it took place – I felt quite shaken when I saw it on the news.

Jet-lag has faded – now I’m just plain ordinary exhausted … and it’s only Week 3 ;) I hope your trip to France was a happy and productive one and that you were able to enjoy some rest and relaxation with friends and family.

As for the trip, it was STUNNING, AMAZING, BRILLIANT … in fact, probably the best I’ve ever done!

Thank you so much for all your work –  you really outdid yourself this time with us having so many changes of numbers and last minute ideas. And a huge thank you to Philippe as well ... I know we created more work than usual, but we could not have been happier with the final outcome.

The girls LOVED their stay in France and have already told us about the memories that will stay with them forever. They already have a “next time” list J. Ceci dit, it is also a testament to the fact that the French teachers (in Saint-Denis and French in Normandy), tour guides, cooking class teacher were all so interesting that the girls were happy to tune in and get the most out of everything they were offered.

For your evaluation form, I’ll post it today. Along with Phillipe’s form. He too did a fantastic job … organising us to go to Giverny at the last minute was done so efficiently … and it was a WINNER as far as the girls were concerned. Clear blue skies, gorgeous flowers, great house … it turned out to be (another!) wonderful day.

Loches was … loche-ilicious (that’s delicious in Loches!). The homestay families were so welcoming and the school was just brilliant (need thesaurus for more adjectives!). Philippe Minereau, the deputy principal, was so helpful (providing a piano while arranging an international music festival at the school was just one of his talents!) and we enjoyed 5 entertaining lunches at the school in the staff lunch area. (Michelle and Ross were completely staggered to see wine in the staff lunch room – the French were completely staggered that we were not allowed to drink wine on the tour … Philippe said that if they introduced such a rule for French teachers travelling overseas, no-one would go!)

Rouen (despite the last-minute changes to homestays) was great! Again, the host families were so welcoming and the girls gave glowing reports of their classes at French in Normandy. The Easter egg hunt in the Jardins Publics was especially appreciated. The macaron class worked out well, but Suzanne (at FiN) said that they actually have contacts with another macaron place that can host larger groups, so that might be something for you to keep in mind for other groups.

FIAP Jean Monnet was great. I have to admit that I was somewhat hesitant about using a hostel, and certainly, when we first arrived, I was not too sure about how it would go (they need to provide more info for the teachers on arrival), but the rooms were spotless, the meals worked well and it was surprisingly quiet at bedtime!

And speaking of doing great work, I love your plans for our 2018 Italy tour – doesn’t Orvieto look gorgeous??? I wish I was going!

Thanks again for all your work.

Kind regards



From: Olivia
Sent: Friday, 24 October 2014 12:45 PM
To: Till Russell
Subject: RE: PGS Quote Request - Germany Trip 2015

Dear Till

Thank you for you patience regarding the quotation process for the proposed PGS Germany Trip. Following the Executive's full approval of the trip length and its delivery in September 2015, we have been able to finalise our decision this week regarding the most suitable trip provider for 2015.

I am delighted to inform your team, that Passport Travel has been successful in securing the trip delivery, amidst a highly competitive field of detailed itineraries 

We are most grateful for your responsiveness throughout this process, and we look forward to liaising with you closely in the coming weeks to finalise the most competitive costs for the needs of our impending trip.

Wunderbar Till! We look forward to executing a seamless trip with your team next year.


English, German & Yr 9 HG Teacher

April 2014:

Here are a couple of different feedback information we have received.
From teacher escourting her own school group.
Wednesday, 14 May 2014 1:33 PM
To: Giuseppe Bono
Subject: RE: Trip evaluation

My daughter attends name removed due to privacy. You provided for us a far better deal for far less than what I had to pay for her trip. Admittedly, she attended an international school in Rome instead of a local high school, but the difference was quite significant, for a shorter time. I should have taken her with us!

The second was from an information sheet sent round to the parents of potential students to join a tour.
This is Point 5 from the multi page document.
5. Tour agent: Passport Travel (best value and quality tour inclusions out of 7 written quotes requests to 9 companies)

From: Kathryn
Sent: Tuesday, 17 December 2013 9:48 AM
To: Nadine Schmidt

Some comments from the school evaluation form.
Comment The homestay was a fantastic experience for students. A couple of rather eccentric families, and one who turned up very late every day, but other than that, the students has a fabulous time, as did the adults. Really lovely families and (name deleted as we find some competitors trying to find our hometstay locations) is a lovely town to visit. It was a bonus for the students that our visit to the school coincided with markets day, so they were able to look at those as well.

Kindly tell us the highlights of the tour for the students.

We were really happy with our itinerary. The students enjoyed the host families most, and would have enjoyed an additional night with them. The Mont St Michel was a highlight, as was the Eiffel Tower. We were very grateful that entrance to each and every place ran very smoothly, thanks to your amazing organization. Thank you!

If you were to alter the itinerary, what would you have included/deleted?

We were really happy with everything.

Further comments

So good! This was our first tour organised by Passport Travel and we were very impressed. Nothing was a difficulty, everything was well organised, down to the smallest detail, and all ran very smoothly once we were in France. Thank you to Nadine and to anyone and everyone else we dealt with at Passport Travel, without exception! Fabulous!


From: Bianca Porcheddu
Sent: Friday, 30 August 2013 6:51 PM
To: Giuseppe Bono
Subject: RE: SFX & St Mary MacKillop College Italy Tour 2013:

Ciao Giuseppe,
 a huge thank you for sending the parcel with such a thoughtful touch!!!  We certainly never got this with the other Tour company that we went with 2 years ago!  The 2 birthday cards are beautiful and the special gift (phrase book) is fantastic and I am sure the students and parents will be very pleased!  Please pass on my appreciation for your efforts to your boss as I don't have his/her email and I think you deserve this recognition for your professionalism and thoroughness in preparing our tour itinerary etc.

Allora, ora to rispondo in rosso le domande per  'guidelines".  Poi, ci vediamo martedi'.


Hi Giuseppe

I understand and thank you for your kind words. The three Europe trips have been an exceptional part of my teaching career and I know what it has ment to the students and staff who have been able to attend. The cost in terms of the time and effort is well worth the rewards. The Europe trips were also one of the reasons I was nominated for a national award, so thank you for being a part of that as well.

Have a great xmas and new year


David Ardley. History / Science Teacher. Henry Kendall High School

10 May 2013

Dear Brent

I am writing on behalf of the College and the families of the boys who took part in what is now rated as the best French Study Tour of all time. None of the success would have occurred had it not been for the awesome efforts of your professional team, Giuseppe, Lynne, Till and Marie. Many thanks to them.

I look forward to continuing our working relationship with your company in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending you to other schools who are seeking a similar experience.

Kind regards
Kate Lofthouse
Head of Languages. Marist College


29/10/2012 From a passenger on another adult teacher group tour
Dear Marie
Peter and I would like to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our tour. Thank you for all the effort you put in to make it a wonderful experience.
The alternate accommodation in Dubai, Al Manzil was wonderful. It was a great location in regards to being within walking distance of the Dubai Mall , "the fountain" and easy access to the " hop on hop of tour bus". We found the staff extremely helpful, friendly and attentive. We would recommend it willingly. The original accommodation choose was actually right next door so after its refurbishment I am sure it would be a good recommendation too.
The France itinerary was very full but it covered all the major sites in the area and gave a us a great feel for the country. Having two nights in most locations was great.
We have come home tired (only because we wanted to see all) but very content. We hope we can persuade Kate to revisit France in two years!
Thank you again, it was fabulous
Kerry and Peter Woods

Dear Merryn,

I am horrified at how long it has taken me to reach the point of writing to you to thank you for the great talks you gave the students the other week. As an ex-teacher you will remember how it gets at the end of a semester!

But, most sincerely, thank you. The students still comment and use remarks you made, and the senior students who were there really appreciated your time. The person who benefitted most was myself, I think. In bad moments of senior language teaching I find myself wondering if I am talking into a glass tunnel with no-one on the outside, just shadows and shapes! And you made me feel as if there were people on the other side, and I was actually talking sense as I encourage kids to do LOTE despite the problems at HSC level.

Please let me use you again! You were wonderful.

Yours, Marion


More examples


You can follow the link to read a recent trip evaluation from an adult group; teachers who went on an educational tour of Greece.

Take these links to assortsed reports.
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Clonard Schools report on France


Our inaugural trip to France 2005 was a resounding success. 17 intense days saw a whirlwind of activities, tastes, language and new experiences. Paris and l’Ile de France wooed us all with exceptional weather, friendly welcomes and unforgettable sights.

We are indebted to and would like to warmly acknowledge the outstanding support of our travel agent ‘Passport Travel’, both here in Australia and France. Equally significant, was the close co-operation of the three supervising staff members, Mesdames Lindquist, Lyon and Waller who ensured a safe and memorable tour. Last but not least, is the way in which the students themselves rose so admirably to the occasion; they were exemplary ambassadors to Clonard and indeed Australia! Behind the scenes, we gratefully thank the parents who prepared their daughters in every possible way to ensure a happy and successful France Tour.

Bravo to all and, as we say in French, Bonne Continuation!

France: a trip of a lifetime!

We have just returned from a ‘trip of a lifetime’ to France. Three teachers, Madame Lyon, Mrs. Waller and myself accompanied 12 outstanding Australian/Clonard ambassadors on a 15-day trip to La Belle France. After a very long plane flight, we hit the ground running and made the most of the clear blue sky of Paris by climbing the Eiffel Tower and taking a bus trip to orient ourselves in Paris.

Of the ‘Top 10’ sights in Paris, no stone was left unturned. We walked, metroed and trained to the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Sacré Coeur, Notre Dame, Musée d’Orsay, etc…all the time soaking up the surrounds, sampling a range of ‘street’ cuisine and noting the beauty of stately buildings. We welcomed the respite of country France with a bus journey through winding streets of villages in the Loire Valley and then to the more solemn Somme district. We visited the castles of Chenonceau and Chambord, Leonardo da Vinci’s house, the War Memorials and the school paid for by Victorian children.

Homestay awaited us on our return to Paris. The experiences, as with all homestays were varied, but our girls were praised highly by their host families. To crown the sightseeing ‘must do’s’, only Versailles and Disneyland awaited us in the last days of the trip…and what a treat! And there was the National Strike Day…just to make it even more French!

Highlights…too many to list but the visit to Lycée Honoré de Balzac (a Parisian highschool with 2,500 students), meeting the Aussie dancing girls at Moulin Rouge and hot chocolate at Angélina’s would certainly rate a mention. And… language acquisition… Many students blossomed in this regard during their homestay while others chose to repeat key phrases on a daily basis in shops, at the station etc. By being immersed in the language through television, household conversations, railroad announcements and billboards has given the girls renewed confidence to tackle classroom tasks.

I would like to publicly thank Madame Lyon for her invaluable leadership during the trip-she opened many doors for us and guaranteed an extra special time for us all. As well, I must thank the beautiful girls we travelled with. They supported one another as family, were attentive to our requests and maintained their enthusiasm despite being occasionally homesick and tired.

Merci et Bravo à ‘zéro, un, deux,…

Celestine BETTIOL
Elizabeth DOYLE
Lauren HILL
Annie-Rose MALONEY
Samantha McCARTHY
Charlotte McGLINCHEY
Catherine WATSON

Finally, thank you to Mrs. Waller for being an extra ‘pair of hands’. She kept us entertained. It was and will remain a very special experience where many life skills were learnt. And it must be said, although it was a 10/10 experience, it was indeed wonderful to arrive back in Melbourne, safe and sound.

                                                                                    Madame Lindquist