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Our people

Till Russell


Till Russell our very own German, has been back with us for the last year (2007) and has now (2008) returned to university to complete a 2 year post graduate course. He is studying in Melbourne and works part-time in our office.

Till works in the specialist groups area and can be found involved with our German groups as well as our inbound groups. Coming from Westphalia, a Western region of Germany where the landscape is so flat that you can see visitors coming three days before they actually arrive, he fell in love with Australia’s rugged landscape when first visiting in 2003. Till has worked in the German Rail sales office area in Germany selling trips all over Europe and making excessive use of the discounted staff rail tickets during the weekends.

Other staff members now have to watch their diets! Till is quiet a baker and we benefit by having freshly baked German biscuits and cakes, placed on the staff room table!