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Music Tours

Music Tours can be divided into two catagories;

1) History of Music Tours
Journey to the cradles of past and current music. Europe and the U.S. are the most favoured destinations, but we would welcome the chance to explore the South American or Asian areas! Travel through the countries that produced much of the music and composers we are reared on. Mozart, Bach, Schumann and Tchaikovsky come to life, as you experience the environment in which they worked. Brent, from Passport Travel, was privilaged to attend the opening night of the Bach Festival 2003 in Leipzig in the St Stephens church itself. " When the music started, you realised that this is how Bach heard his own music and so wrote with these acoustics in mind, the spine tingled".

Example Itineraries:

Classics of Central Europe Music Tour: 15 nights 16 days.
Germany Austria Czech Replublic Hungary

Composers of Central Europe Music Tour: 18 nights 19 days.
Germany Austria Hungary Poland

2) Performing Concert Tours
‘The opportunity to perform on the world’s stages’. Imagine the thrill of performing to 2,000 people in Venice or joining with other world groups to participate in a festival in South America. We have a wide network base of concert organisers in Europe, Asia, South Africa, the U.K., the Americas and Australia, who will ensure memorable concert performances whilst our specialist travel staff arrange all services needed for a successful music tour. Students and adults, orchestras and choirs, bands and dancers are carefully catered for with customised itineraries and ideas.

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