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From the snows and glaciers of the highest mountains in the world to barren desert and tropical rainforest; from teeming cities to ageless villages; from the grandeur of Maharajahs’ palaces to thatched mud huts; and from an advanced software industry to thousands of years-old cultural and religious traditions, India displays countless contrasts. This is a country where a myriad of ethnic groups speaking more than the 18 main languages and practicing the major religions of the world all live together and call themselves Indian. There can be few countries with such diversity. This twenty-day tour of India covers northern and central India. It’s only a taste of what the country can offer but covers the four major cultures of the country – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Buddhist.


Throughout the world many people give freely of their time and skills to help those suffering hardship brought about by either war or natural disasters. We, as travellers and tourists should be aware and help in some way. How many of us have been cocooned in an aluminium tube known as an aircraft, and hurtled across lands at 10,000 meters or more, when below a war or famine rages. How easy is it for us to order another drink, or refuse yet another meal.

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