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Art Tours of Greece and Turkey

Turkey’s rich history and culture offers a wealth of Art through the ages.  Beginning your art tour in Istanbul will introduce you to the beauty of the many periods of art and architecture.  Byzantine cathedrals and churches are located next to Ottoman mosques and hamams (bathhouses). Within the city lies the Basilica Cistern, which is thought to date back to the reign of Justinian in 532. The Cistern has a huge structure, measuring 140m (460ft) long and 70m (230ft) across, although only a couple of feet of water line the bottom, but  the atmosphere inside is beautiful.

We can arrange a guided tour on the famous Bosphorus, where you can see typical 19th century timber houses and view the great Dolmabahce Palace.  Passport Travel can organise an educational tour of Istanbul and other spectacular cities such as Ephesus, Gallipoli and Troy to enable you to experience the magnificent art and architecture crafted over thousands of years.

We can organise a dedicated art tour to either, or both of these countries. You might want to discuss the possibility of a combined educational tour with your history department to merge these two aspects. We have extensive personal travel experience throughout both of these countries, please feel free to contact us for an itinerary which is tailored to your specific needs and an obligation-free quote. Please call us on 1800 337 031 or, to send us an email, please click here.