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French Art Tours

Les meilleures excursions éducatives de la France.

At PASSPORT TRAVEL, our vast knowledge of both Paris and France as a living and breathing Museum of the Arts allows us to open the doors of art and its evolution to Australian student groups. Whatever medium of arts you choose to explore, we can provide you with a variety of experiences: open air painting lessons, art workshops, museum visits, gallery visits, conference guided visits, as well as making the most of the city and the countryside as a stunning backdrop for students’ tableaux.

Working for almost 20 years now with our French Travel Partner, we offer unparalleled continuity of service with excellence for our education travel clients. Our extensive expertise and experience in France means that we can offer you more than just the standard Art Tour.

Sample Art Tour Itineraries:

• Art Tours of France Download PDF

• Art Tour of Italy and France Download PDF
Feel free to contact us on 1800 337 031 for a free quote and itinerary.