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Sport Tours to Europe

Europe provides a wide range of opportunities for sports groups to experience serious competition in outstanding locations.
* Soccer in Europe - Sample Itinerary
* Field Hockey in Europe
* Ice Hockey in Europe
* Rugby Union in Europe - Sample Itinerary
* Cycling in Europe
* Skiing in Europe - Sample Itinerary
* Surfing in Reunion: French dependency in Indian Ocean - Sample Itinerary

Passport Travel has many connections with regard to cycling in Europe. We have a seperate division concentrating on cycling holidays in Europe. Let us use our experience to plan your 'Tour de Europe'.
Ice Hockey - perhaps Russia?? remember we have been dealing with tourism to russia for 20 years and Ice Hockey is part of the national image!
Rugby Union, well Brent (founder of business) is a Kiwi and was raised on solid doses of rugby, including playing when young!