Yunnan Dali Lijiang Shangrila Kunming Photograph Gallery

Dali City Yunnan

Roof top viewof old city Roof top view of old city View from ancient walls
Old city pedestrian footpath - note condition Dali Chinese Church Local petrol station - very good roads


Lijiang City

Black Dragon Lake
Old Lijiang Street
Terrace farming near Lijiang
With local musicians Lijiang
Old Lijiang street
Old Lijiang street


Shangrila Tibet


Songstam Monastery

Songstam Monastery Window
Shangrila - Largest Buddhist prayer wheel in the world
Buddhist Monk
Tibetan Musician
Farms drying food for winter
Local Welcome

Tibetan Feast


Kunming and Stone Forest

Stone Forest
Stone Forest Instructions
Stone Forest lake
Green Jade Temple
Kunming Theatre
Yiliang Roast Duck