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We have very good conenctions throughout Africa to organise community aid and safari programmes. In 2010 we organised an adult group visiting Southern and Eastern Africa taking in a music, culture and community aid theme. The highlight was staying at St Judes Community Aid school near Arusha in Tanzania - Founded by Australian Gemma Sisia which was the subject of an ABC Australian Story episode.

Meal time St Judes
Gemma (St Judes) Stani (PBS Radio) Brent (Passport Travel)

Uganda Community Development

2012 and we have an enthusiastic group of high school students working in Uganda on a long standing project. This is a hands on, live in the village type of project. In addition there is a short sfari in one of the major National Parks. An additional assignment is to capture examples of local music for presentation of the African Music show at 3PBS radio.

Feel free to contact us on 1800 337 031 for a free quote and itinerary.