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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be limited to one of the itineraries published in your brochures or on your website?
No, you will not. These itineraries are just examples of the tour experiences we can create for you. They are a starting point for you to put together your own itinerary. PASSPORT TRAVEL tailors all itineraries specifically to your needs. You are therefore welcome to contact us with your ideas and itineraries and we would be happy to prepare a quote.
So how much will it cost?
PASSPORT TRAVEL does not publish any price lists with its brochures or on the website. The price of a tour depends on a variety of factors, i.e. the number of travelling participants (students and teachers), the time of the year for the tour (low or high season), and the package inclusions (i.e. type of accommodation, meals to be included, guided tours, and the mode of transport). PASSPORT TRAVEL will provide you with a quote which is based on your individual requirements and your budget. Please contact us with your trip details and proposed itinerary at your
earliest convenience.
What services can be included in a tour package?
PASSPORT TRAVEL can provide tour packages including a combination of the following services:
· Return economy airfares to your destination
· Transport at your destination by plane, (overnight-) train or private coach, as per the itinerary, incl. airport transfers and day
· Accommodation in youth hostels, hotels, community homestay, or a combination of all three
· English or local language guided tours as well as admission fees and reservations
· A variety of different meal options - dinners in restaurants or at the accommodation, packed lunches, etc.
· Visits, tours and activities as per itineraries
· Comprehensive travel insurance
You are welcome to include further services or visits, from a gondola ride in Venice to cooking classes in Thailand. PASSPORT TRAVEL will endeavour to meet your specific needs.
Can you organise homestay and language classes?
Homestay with a native-speaking host family can be part of your tour and we are happy to include this for you in your itinerary. However, as we work together with partners in the country you visit, the availability of host families depends on the contacts or partners have and we may not be able to offer homestay in every country listed on the website. We can also include a one-day visit to a local school, or language classes with professional teachers. These language classes depend on the availability of professional language teaching centres in the places you would like to visit. If students want to extend their homestay experience in the country they are visiting, this can also be organised under certain circumstances, please contact us early to discuss this option.
Can you establish sister school relationships?
We do not offer this as a service, however, if you are interested, please get in touch and we will contact you in case an opportunity comes up. Giuseppe and Merryn have valuable contacts in the Italian/ French education sector and we do receive enquiries from Italian/ French schools wishing to establish a sister school relationship with schools in Australia.
What if I already have a sister school in the countries I would like to visit?
PASSPORT TRAVEL looks forward to organising a tour itinerary to supplement your sister school visit, including the above mentioned services. This may also include day trips together with your host students.

I do not think that I have a sufficient number of students willing to go on a tour, what do you suggest?
At PASSPORT TRAVEL, we are happy to organise educational group tours for small groups determined to travel. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation and we can give you advice on possible solutions that can be adopted.
Are your group tours for educational travel and school groups only?
No, you are welcome to contact us for any group tour you are planning, be it for an orchestra/ choir, local sports club, or just a group of friends. We look forward to hearing from you!
Do you offer tours to other destinations?
Yes, we do. Please contact us with your preferred destination, or request one of our other school group tour brochures to be sent to your school or home address.

You did not find the answer to your question?

Please feel free to contact us on 1800 337 031 or to send us an email with your question, please click here.